Tracks of the Heart

Tracks of the Heart may be purchased from Amazon,  Clan Destine Press, Kobo  and iTunes.


Robyn Koshol from Elder Park Book Reviews has given Tracks of the Heart a 5 star review on Goodreads.


“Tracks of the Heart is three splendid outback stories packed into one small package.

Although the book only runs to forty-four approximate pages- it sure does pack a punch.

Lost love, abduction and facing the past are some of the themes of the stories and each one is emotionally charged.

Tracks of the Heart is the perfect coffee break read and it will not disappoint. ”

Marcia Bezuidenhout  from Book Muster Down Under gave Tracks of the Heart the following review:

“Heather has a lot to offer in her writing – she has an easy and engaging writing style, brings her characters to life, her settings are beautifully rendered and, even though these are just shorts, there’s still enough of an emotional punch.

I certainly was left wanting more but with the Christmas period upon us, I’m sure there are many of you that won’t have time to sit down and get into a full-length novel. So, if you’d like to take a break, with a well-deserved coffee and a few slices of shortbread, then ideally these three little reads will satisfy your penchant for reading without taking up too much time.”

BC Ebook Cover_opt

Breakaway Creek may be purchased from the Publisher, Clan Destine Press. It is also available from Amazon, Kobo, Fishpond and Bookworld.


I’ve received a lovely review for Breakaway Creek from Robyn at Elder Park Book Reviews.

Quote: ‘There is so much heart and soul to this history steeped story, from racial tensions of the past and present, heart-break, new love and finding out secrets from the past. Breakaway Creek leaves you wanting more- I know I didn’t want the book to end.

I highly recommend Breakway Creek because it was an engaging, compelling, beautfuly written novel that will wrench your heart as well as warm it.’

To read the full review, visit Robyn’s site.

I received a 4 star review by Marcia Bezuidenhout on her site Book Muster Down Under. Read the full review here:

Quote: ‘Part historical, part contemporary, this romance has a lot to offer and there is an underlying realism to the story which, through the narrative, offers a stark reminder of the challenges faced by our early settlers as well as those faced by our modern day society, such as social problems in the form of child neglect and the dry and desolate place the Outback can be in times of drought.’

Other Reviews:

‘Breakaway Creek was fantastic. I couldn’t put it down. I loved it and I miss the characters already. I highly recommend this book to anyone…especially if you have an interest in early Australia. I dare any woman not to fall in love with Luke and Alex!’
Aussie Ness

‘Immediately I am taken back to the sights, sounds and feelings of a boiling hot Queensland summer, living under a corrugated iron roof.
I don’t usually read romance novels, but in this case, the author is from the district where I’ve lived most of my life in rural Queensland. It’s obvious that Ms Garside has lived her life in the bush as well; the book is authentically Australian and, I feel, historically correct. If you live in another country and would like to experience some of Australia without having to make the long trip Down Under, pick this one.
I found the characters nicely drawn and believable, and easily followed the two love stories in two different eras. I downloaded the book one afternoon and had it finished the next morning. That shows how much I enjoyed it.’


5 thoughts on “Reviews

  1. Leith Eggins

    Would love to buy the books Colonial Daughter ( The Cornstalk) and The Hidden Legacy, but can’t seem to find them. I do have them already in iBooks but would love to buy them as paperbacks as a gift for a friend. Hope you can help me . Cheers Leith Eggins

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    1. Hi Leith,
      I now have Colonial Daughter in paperback if you would like to buy directly from me. It will be available from online retailers in 6-8 weeks if you’re happy to wait.
      I also have A Hidden Legacy but will shortly re-package as Colonial Legacy. Should be available in May/June. Do you want to contact me directly at h.c.garside at BigPond. com? (No spaces).
      Thanks for your interest!


  2. Leith Eggins

    Okay probably wrote in the wrong section but would love to buy the books Colonial Daughter and The Hidden Legacy in paperbacks ( proper books) as I can’t find out where I can do this

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