I am a writer of Australian rural contemporary and historical fiction.

My latest release is Colonial Daughter, available on AmazoniBooks, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, and others. It has now been published to print and will soon be available from online retailers.


Determined not to join her wealthy parents in England, Louise Ashford finds work as a governess in the frontier settlements of Central Queensland. She falls in love with Lloyd Kavanagh, a young cattleman of convict descent. But she knows Lloyd will never be accepted by her family.

Their romance ends abruptly when her brother Charles intervenes, carrying her off to England. Charles’s lies ensure Lloyd will not try to follow her. More grief awaits her in England and a disgraced Louise seizes the chance to accompany Charles back to Australia. She must defy all that is safe and secure if she is to reclaim her love and rebuild the life she longs for.

Colonial Daughter was previously published as The Cornstalk.

Breakaway Creek was released in print and eBook by Clan Destine Press in 2013.

To buy, go to Clan Destine Press, Bookworld or Fishpond.

The eBook is available from Amazon, Kobo and  iTunes.

BC Ebook Cover_opt

Two city women, a century apart, find love and adventure in the Queensland outback.

Betrayed by her boyfriend, Shelley Blake escapes the city on a quest to unravel a century-old family mystery.  Her search takes her to a remote cattle station run by Luke Sherman.

Shelley and Luke try to resist their mutual attraction as he fights to reclaim his children from a broken marriage, and Shelley uncovers the truth about her ancestors, Alex and Emma.

Emma’s story of racial bigotry and a love that transcends all obstacles unfolds in the pioneering days of the 1890s.

Shelley and Emma are separated by time but they’re bound by a dark secret to a place called Breakaway Creek.

Tracks of the Heart is a collection of three short rural romance stories, published by Clan Destine Press. It is also available from Amazon, Kobo, and iTunes.

Tracks of the Heart

Three short stories will take you on journeys of terror, heartbreak and a woman’s tentative struggles to reclaim her identity.

Bushwhacked: Brittany’s quest for adventure on an isolated cattle station goes horribly wrong when she and Scott, the head stockman, are abducted on a lonely county road.

Playing with Fire: Lisa is forced to revisit a tortured love affair when she recognises her companions on an outback train journey – an ill-fated family from her past.

Coming Home: Kirsty leaves a destructive marriage to return to her parent’s cattle station, but has to contend with her father’s new manager – the boyfriend she deserted years before in favour of the city.

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I’ve received a lovely review for Breakaway Creek from Robyn at Elder Park Book Reviews.

Quote: ‘There is so much heart and soul to this history steeped story, from racial tensions of the past and present, heart-break, new love and finding out secrets from the past. Breakaway Creek leaves you wanting more- I know I didn’t want the book to end.

I highly recommend Breakway Creek because it was an engaging, compelling, beautfuly written novel that will wrench your heart as well as warm it.’

To read the full review, visit Robyn’s site.

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2 thoughts on “Home

  1. Heather, I was very interested to read that you are descended from Robert Purvis. I am descended from the William Scott that you mentioned. I purchased a copy of ‘Two Valleys – One Destiny A History of Banana’ by Betty Perry when I visited Biloela in 2008 and learned of the connection with Robert Purvis. Having seen the the property, I will be interested to read your book, regards Kathy

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  2. Hello Kathy. It was lovely to hear from you. That’s interesting that you’re descended from William Scott. Is your Scott family connected to the Scotts who owned Hornet Bank, where the infamous massacre occurred?
    My earlier novels, The Cornstalk and A Hidden legacy, are set in the Banana area. They’re out of print at the moment (apart form a few copies of each that I have left) but should be back up as ebooks soon.


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